Please Update Your Profile

by KzooMarine, 87 days ago

If you have not already done so, please update your user profile here on guildlaunch to include a character name. Many of you have user IDs that are not related to your ingame name. This will allow for identification of posts and activity on the website.


If we can't identify you, we can't reply to you directly.



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Website Donations

by KzooMarine, 92 days ago

Guild Launch provides and efficient and original donation system.


If you look to the right of this you will see the contribute button. That button takes you to the next page where you can select a monetary amount that equates to number of points. The website costs 45 points per day, so for 5 dollars, you have paid for the website for 20 days. There is no transfer of cash from you to me or any other guild affiliate, simply direct funding of the website, which is the purpose of the donation anyhow.


You'll also notice under the button, there is a log of who has donated what, and above the button a counter showing how much time is remaining.


By having the website subscribed, we maintain many functions that keep things running smooth. If you're able and willing, please help out as you're able.


Thanks in advance!

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